About Us

Our firm was established in 1978 in the fields of marine electronics and in telecommunications, becoming very strong in transmission systems in HF, VHF, UHF, Microwave and Fibre Optics, what enable us to obtain a huge experience and technical capability in data transmission, especially wireless (RF). In 1985, based mainly in the improvement of the industrial technologies, our firm started the development of engineering, software, devices and technologies focused to the industrial automation.

In the automation field, our firm work in last 20 years, quiet and ascendant, and have acquired a huge experience and a strong technical basement in telemetry and remote control systems, concentrating all the activity and efforts in this field since end of 1990.

Our goal always have been to give simple and practical solutions to the industry, supporting our engineering work in the vast experience obtained all the years working in areas like telecommunications, digital systems and data transmission, all them essential tools today for the new automation technologies.

Due to all above, and with our experience, we offer strong support to industry for the implementation of: Telemetry and Remote Control Systems and Wireless Data Transmission to improve their process control and data networks, doing studies, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning, as well as after sales support and personnel training, in telecommunications, data transmission and automation systems.

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