PARKER INGENIERIA S.A.offer it service as Work Technical Inspector in the fields of:

• Radio communications systems.
• Wireless IP data transmission systems (Ethernet networks and other)
• Telemetry and telecontrol (SCADA) systems.

This works are done according to a protocol approved by customer, based on and bonded by our vast experience, part of which consider following:

1) Definition of the specifications and regulations to be fulfilled.
2) Definition and explanation of the project basis and specifications or the customer's requirements for which the project is developed. Objectives of it.
3) Definition of the detail engineering or of the hardware mounting.
4) Physical measurements to determine the fulfillment of above.
5) Systems operation measurements, after commissioning, to determine the fulfillment with specifications. This are done partially during the project development as well as totally at the end of it.
6) Reception report of the system (s) inspected.

With this we are looking for customer and contractor make agree in the work development and that it fulfil with the requirements.

For all this we rely-on specialist with large experience on this field.

The experience earned and the quality and quantity of our customers are our best warranty of the quality of our services and support as well as the seriousness of our work.

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